Risk raising of Tunisia

Finally Middle East dispatch the Self-Defense Forces risk of Risk raising of Tunisia "In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the home because it is difficult to scroll when you are seen in the PC, it is there room for improvement. I want you to be seen to the bottom Where do I put even if the scroll of the screen the mouse. It takes time to operation when viewed in a hurry " Also United Kingdom Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ask for [travel canceled other than the case that absolutely] in Tunisia throughout tourists, existing tour also canceled, such as Thomas Cook major travel agencies to stop the summer of reservation, arrange pulling flights from local It seems to return the customer in the middle of the itinerary was. Tunisia danger information the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs month In the UK Department of State of the danger information website (Tunisia section) it is more detailed. It is almost the same separate application to the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and geographical. Although the degree of urgency of travel avoidance seems to be in a different ruler.

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