Of MENA child poverty ,, 000,000 people

Finally Middle East dispatch the Self-Defense Forces risk of MENA Poverty ,, 000,000 children For the first time clearly is poverty of the actual situation of children throughout the region UNICEF, presented at regional meetings UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) is, by the recent analysis survey of implementation was in northeast Africa countries (*), at least equivalent to the human children of the people of this region, it reported 00 million people are affected by poverty Did. These children, basic education, adequate housing, nutritious meals, high health care quality, safe water, sanitation, in more than Uchitsu of the most basic elements necessary for life, such as access to information, It does not even meet the minimum required level. Poverty rob, basic rights Year-old boy to work with his father (Iraq Baghdad) [The poverty of children, does not refer only household income.

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